Goalcam Pro.

Professional Protection Housing for your Camera.

Goalcam Pro is a protection housing especially designed to keep your camera safe when placed as a goal cam into ice hockey goals.

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Why Goalcam Pro?

Goalcam Pro protects your camera when placed in a hockey goal and enables you to easily take perfect pictures from a unique position. 

  • Mount & dismount your camera fast with quick release system
  • Change the protection window within seconds 
  • Precisely adjust your camera using our lasered mounting plate

A broken protection glass can easily be replaced even during a game break. Just slide it out of the guide rail and replace it with a new one. 

The slide-out system allows you to change your memory card or settings without changing the camera position at all.

Our lasered mounting plate can easily be slid out of the housing to carry it with you while keeping  your camera and its equipment in place.

The quick release system at the back of the housing keeps mounting simple. Mount the connector first and then just slide the backplate on it.

Use the communication module (USB/Ethernet) to stay in touch with your camera. The red safety pin protects the base plate from slipping out.

With the proven Manfrotto fastening system the housing can be securely fixed in the desired position.

With the hot shoe adapter you can easily install your remote trigger. Four alternative mounting positions suit nearly every system.

Your camera mounting screw is always there. Use the 1/4 inch thread if no camera is installed to ensure that the screw is safe.

For cameras without a battery grip, there is an additional camera plate available. Find the right position with two linear guides on the bottom.

The protective hood is padded and has an additional lip at the back to covers the quick release system.

Goalcam Pro in Action

Designed and Manufactured in Germany.

To achieve the highest possible quality and a light-weighted product at the same time we only use best materials and manufacture them with newest technology. 

  • 3D printed carbon housing reinforced with aluminium inlets
  • Lasered aluminium mounting plate
  • 76 single parts precisely assembled by hand

Licensed by German Ice Hockey League (DEL)

License for NHL and other European leagues pending

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Enable yourself to take perfect pictures while protecting your camera.

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