Goalcam Pro.

Professional Protection Housing for your Camera.

Key Benefits.

Goalcam Pro protects your camera when placed in a hockey goal and enables you to easily take perfect pictures from a unique position. 

  • Mount & dismount your camera fast with quick release system
  • Change the protection window within seconds 
  • Precisely adjust your camera using our lasered mounting plate


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1 year warranty. Goalcam Pro can only be hold responsible for production faults. 
Wear parts are excluded (e.g. protection glass, clamp etc.).

Please note: 

The risks associated with installing Goalcam Pro in an unsafe environment are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. The manufacturer is not liable for any damage to your Goalcam Pro, your photographic equipment or for any personal injury that may occur.

Production Information

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  • Carbon reinforced housing
  • Camera base plate
  • Slide in system for camera base plate
  • Two pieces interchangeable front windows
  • Quick release system

Goalcam Pro included accessoires: 

  • Camera mounting plate
  • Quick release system connector
  • Flash shoe for remote trigger
  • RJ45 or USB 2.0 connection socket
  • 2 x protection glass
  • White cover

Dimensions and Weight

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Dimensions excl. quick release system and cover (W x H x D): 224mm x 198mmx 195mm
Weight incl. quick release system and cover: 3,5kg
Weight incl. camera (Canon 1Dx II / 8-15 Fisheye / PocketWizard: 5,9kg 

Additional Accessoires.

This parts are not included in your initial Goalcam Pro order.

Additional plate for cameras without batterie grip

Reorder standard accessoires.

This parts are included in your initial Goalcam Pro oder. Need more? Reorder them here.

Replaceable glas

Camera mounting plate

Protection cover

Safety pin

Communication module (USB / Network)

Hot shoe

Alignment Plate

Grap handle

Slide out system

Quick release system

Safety pin - quick release system

1/4 inch camera mounting screw

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